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VOE Mortgage Loans

VOE Mortgage Loans

We have many new programs that can help borrowers obtain a mortgage loan without traditional underwriting guidelines and tax returns. Our Verification of Employment program uses the borrower’s employment history as the primary criteria for a home loan. We do not need to see tax returns, W-2s, or paystubs. The employer completes the verification of employment form only to confirm the history and income and it’s as simple as that! We can close these loans much faster than a fully documented loan.

Loan Highlights

– Loan amounts up to $3.5M
– Minimum credit score as low as 580
– Up to 96.5% LTV on purchases with min 620 FICO
– Up to 90% LTV on purchases with min 580 FICO
– No Tax Returns, No W-2’s / Paystubs Are Required for Salaried Borrowers
– Borrower must be a W2 employee for at least 2 years with the same company
– WVOE from a verifiable company would be used to qualify for loan
– Debt-to-income ratio up to 55%
– Mortgage Insurance required if loan is over 80% LTV
– Cash out up to 80% and 100% Gift Allowed
– All occupancy types (primary residence, second home, or investment property)

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